I’m Finished Filling Easter Baskets

Easter Bunny EmailIt’s me the Easter Bunny!

Thank you so much for contacting me. I’ve been so busy making Easter baskets over the past year, that I haven’t been able to write that often. Now that I am finished filling Easter baskets, I plan to get some rest before I begin hopping your way.

I am so eggcited for Easter and I can’t wait to visit you in your hometown! I plan to be there around midnight on Easter eve.

While I can’t promise I’ll get you everything on your wishlist, I will bring you some goodies. I might even hide some Easter eggs that you’ll need to find. I love Easter egg hunts. Hunting for Easter eggs is one of my favorite games!

Remember to be good and I will see you real soon. I need to get more rest, but I’ll write again soon. HAPPY EASTER!


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  1. i cant wait

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