I’m getting some rest before the BIG DAY

Easter Bunny EmailThe BIG DAY is almost here! With Easter 2017 so close, I am taking the opportunity to get some rest before I begin my magical journey across the world and into your hometown.

I have worked hard this past year, just for this weekend. I have Easter baskets as far as the eye can see and I am so eggcited about delivering them to you.

Of course, as much as I enjoy delivering Easter baskets and goodies, it is tiring work. So if you could leave me out a carrot or even a glass of water, I would really appreciate it.

Well, I had better get back and get some more rest.

Thank you for being good!


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  1. It’s Nearly Easter I’m so exited It’s tommorow in so so SO exited HAVE A GOOD EASTER GUYS HAPPY EASTER TO YOU ALL I HOPE YOU GET LOTS OF CANDY HAVE A GREAT EASTER!!!

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