I’m on my way!

Easter Bunny Email

I’m on my way to your hometown and should be there around midnight. I’m stopping in a safe location to quickly send you this message.

You may not hear from me for a bit as I travel across the world, but I’ll send word to you when I can. Make sure to be good to those around you!

And remember, if you want to get an idea of where I am during Easter weekend, check out the Easter Bunny Tracker.



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  1. Hey everyone. Guess what happened to me two years ago! It was Easter eve and it was the middle of the night. I had woken up and was walking into the kitchen to see if the Easter Bunny had been to my house yet! And sure enough he had! But as I listened closely I could hear thumping. And it was coming from the family room! I ran back into my room and covered myself up with my blanket. 😀 i hope you come to my house soon Easter Bunny! I love you!
    Livvy (aka Olivia)

  2. I am waiting for your reply

  3. Dear Easter Bunny,
    You are the cutest bunny I have ever known. I want to know if you would like carrots from me? I hope you have a safe trip.
    Love, Madisyn

  4. Oh gosh… It’s almost Easter… I think I’m gonna die… I’VE WAITED 365 DAYS FOR THIS!!!!! AND IT’S HERE!!!! Pinch me… I think I’m dreaming… Seriously though… Anyways, Easter Bunny I would like tons of candy (really doesn’t matter what kind. I’m not a picky candy eater… Except almond joys… None of those please.) Also tonight I will leave you some carrot sticks and a glass of water! (Funny story last year I tried to preserve a carrot that the Easter Bunny took a bite of in water. Laugh at me all you’d like!) I’m weird… I love you Easter Bunny! I wish I could see you. 🙁 Please don’t forget to come to my house.. (Not that he would forget me or anything… I’m just making sure!) Bye bye. Talk to you later!! (Well not really in person) But bye!
    Livvy (aka Olivia)

  5. Can I have magnet lps please Sarah 🐇👱

  6. can you give me some cany,eggs ,and chocolate ,and more

  7. I really like to see you when you come to my home but I will be asleep 😪

  8. Thank you and i will be very good mom said hi😀

  9. cant wait what basket you made me

  10. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s Easter eve!!!!!

  11. Aubrey C. says:

    Hi ester bunny I’m so excited for this year I love ester so much it’s amazing thank you ester bunny

  12. I Know Your Real And I’m So Exited!

  13. Hi how are you EAster bunny love lucy

  14. Easter bunny am I really talking to you I’ll be waiting for your reply

  15. Hi

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