I’m packed and ready to go

Easter Bunny EmailI’ve packed all my Easter baskets and goodies I’m ready for my journey across the world. I also went over my list for a last-minute check and everything looks good!

Before you know it, I’ll be hopping from house to house, city to city, country to country, and continent to continent, delivering gifts to kids of all ages.

I plan to be in your hometown around midnight on Easter eve. In case you’re somewhere else, don’t worry, I’ll find my way to you.

If you’d like to know exactly where I am at any moment on Easter weekend, you can keep tabs on me by using the Easter Bunny Tracker.

And keep your fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly! HAPPY EASTER!


The Easter Bunny Signature


  1. hello easter bunny this year i would really like some jelly beans and multicoloured candys . when you arrive please stay downstairs because im very shy . thank you for the gifts from holly xxx

  2. The easter bunny is fantastic

  3. Hi will i be getting a egg

  4. Cute cookie says:

    Hi easter bunny hey when are you coming to my house

  5. hi how are easter bunny see you tomorrow

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