I’m taking a quick break!

Easter Bunny EmailI’m taking a quick break to eat some carrots, drink some water, and recharge. I only plan on resting for a few minutes then I’m headed back out again!

I have delivered over 1 billion baskets and counting, so far today!

I’m hopping through Europe right now and visiting some beautiful places like Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland.

I would write you a longer message, but I still have a lot of deliveries.

The weather is nice where I am right now. What’s the weather like in your hometown?

However you spend this weekend, may you have a Happy Easter!


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  1. ChristianXeasterX says:

    Hey Easter bunny can u pls come to my house?

  2. Hey Easter bunny will you come back when the storm is over

  3. Has he came to Louisiana?

  4. Phillip (monkey) says:

    Hi I’m eating dinner hope I get good stuff and have a safe trip and hope I will get base ball gear like a new bat stuff like that plz and thank you⚾️⚾️⚾️

  5. Leslie m. says:

    Really here here in Windsor ont canada 25 °

  6. Ok enjoy I’m in acton sleeping in the living room please keep quite

  7. It is about 50 degrees here hurry and come visit

  8. Addison R. says:

    We’re in Louisiana Mr. Easter Bunny! Please come see us at our house in Baton Rouge! We will leave some snacks for you! Be safe on your trip. Love, Addison & Ashley

  9. Bryant Family says:

    Grace and Jeffrey are so excited for your arrival! Be safe ❤️🌷🐣🐰🐇

  10. Thank you Easter bunny

  11. Thank you Easter Bunny!! I hope you have a good snack.

  12. It is sunny in Pell City I love you said my daughter

  13. I m at my grand mom house have a safe trip

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